Sculpture by Kate Benson - Remains


In Kate Benson's miniature structures, there is a strong understanding of surface through the literal depiction of interior and exterior spaces.


The exterior of Remains has been replicated with architectural details specific to New England homes yet takes the overall shape of a more sculptural totem, elongating the structure in a fashion that resembles the distortion from a dream. However, her dimly lit interiors are more specific in their intention and creation. Evoking an eerie narrative where papers are strewn across the floor, boxes are piled in a corner, and wall paper is separating from the plaster, she creates the feeling that these places have been abandoned. The attention to detail in creating these surfaces in a more illustrative manner demonstrates Benson's economy of information, bringing certain areas to a higher resolution, leaving others more generalized, much like a memory that contains areas of both clarity and fog.

-- Dan Kornrumpf