Artist Statement

As a child I wanted to live inside my dollhouse. I would peer into the structure my father resourcefully built out of orange crates and imagine myself as a tiny person inhabiting the rooms I had carefully arranged.


As an artist I want to create spaces that the viewers can enter simply with their gaze and structures that seem familiar to them. I try to construct environments that engage the viewers' curiosity and force them to consider their scale, and encourage them to try to imagine themselves smaller and within the spaces. Furthermore I want them to create their own narratives and question how people affect the spaces they occupy physically and emotionally, and in turn how those spaces then communicate those personal experiences.


My work is heavily influenced by my surroundings and memory. Both the exteriors and interiors of my work mimic my experiences of growing up in a house that was built in the eighteenth century in rural Massachusetts, summers at the beach in Maine and the multiple family homes and urban dwellings of Boston. Working with the miniature scale started with the idea of childhood memory and the often crumbling or disjointed structures refer to the fading of such memories.


Most importantly I want people to feel an emotional connection or reaction to my work. I want to engage curiosity and creativity leaving viewers to discover their own narrative with each piece.